Seminole patchwork with plant dyed fabrics

My passion and joy in working with textiles began to develop when I spent some time learning patchwork from my Mum. I was at my parents’ home in my early twenties for several months, recovering from a serious car accident. The hours spent being creative and working with fabric played an important part in my recovery.

My own work has long since moved away from patchwork, but I like to remember and recognise the importance of that phase of my life.


I was lucky to receive a lot of my mothers’ patchwork books when she downsized and cleared her workroom a couple of years ago. Most of them went to friends, patchwork groups and charity shops. But one I kept and have often felt inspired to use is the book Basic Seminiole Patchwork by Cheryl Greider Bradkin.


Seminole Indian women in the Florida Everglades developed the technique, they created striking patchwork garments. The book is an excellent one, giving plenty of information, clear instructions and inspiring photos.

I have spent some time following some of her instructions, using my plant dyed fabrics.

So here you can see my small pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, it’s a while since since I cut and pieced together fabric so carefully. I am in full admiration of patchworkers, how carefully they piece fabric together.

I am loving the colours this Autumn, and so many plant dye baths give beautiful Autumnal colours. I hope to use these patchworks in a large piece celebrating Autumn.