Dyeing with indigo.

Last Autumn I attended a two day workshop with Caroline Bell, a great tutor! I haven't made the time to try making up an indigo vat since then, but yesterday my friend Jenny and I had a go. The weather has been perfect for indigo dyeing, so lovely and warm.

We used pre-reduced indigo, henna powder and lime to make up the vat. We waited 30 minutes before testing to see if it was alive. (We did keep having a peek before testing!) It was alive!

I dyed fabric I'd previously printed with rust, liking the combination of rust and indigo.


I'm pleased with the range in tones, the fabric at the top of the photo was dyed when the indigo was nearly spent, giving a much paler blue.


I added a few french knots to this rust stained fabric before dyeing. The raw silk thread has taken the colour beautifully.

I'm hoping to make more time over the next few weeks to do more dyeing with indigo.