Making Greens

Green is one of the most difficult colours to make with natural dyes. In the past I've bought a green dye from a supplier - made up of natural indigo, pomegranate and alkanet. And I've made a green by mixing iron water, onion skin or buddleia, and logwood. I buy the logwood from suppliers.

I wanted to make a green from local plants. Diane suggested trying buddliea, ivy and iron water. All of these are plentiful! So many neighbours are so pleased when I trim back their ivy and dried buddliea flowers, and in my shed I have many large jars of iron water made from rusty items.

I made several dye baths, adding more ivy leaves made the green more intense, more buddliea made a golden green, the iron water darkened the colour, as we'd expect. I'm pleased with the results.


The colours don't show really well in the photo. As always, the silk threads took the colour differently from the cotton fabrics.

Thank you for your suggestion Diane!