Stitching into found tree bark, continued

Sometimes you have an idea which just won't go away, however mad the idea might seem. For years, when I've looked at tree bark, at the textures and marks, I've wanted to add to that texture and those marks with stitch.

I did a small amount of experimenting a few weeks ago, stitched into some hazel bark. I enjoyed the process and was pleased with the result. Today I've stitched into bark from different trees, bark gathered on my walks near home, the beautiful Forest of Dean.

stitched bark.jpg

I had been thinking of coating the stitched bark with polythylene glycol. On reflection, that process seemed more complicated than need be. So I'm going to protect the stitched pieces of bark with a wood preservative which is harmless to plants.

All going to plan I'll have several pieces completed for the West Country quilting and Textile Show, to display at the gallery space that I'm sharing with Caroline Bell. Our space will be called Gatherings.