Enjoying learning new skills

For a while I’ve wanted to make a “crossover back apron”. I see them on people, a couple of friends have gorgeous ones made of linen, and on line, and I like them, a lot.

I found myself a pattern on etsy. It’s a very straightforward pattern, was very reasonably priced, and was made by Alison. Yes a handmade pattern. Alison Maryon. You’d find Alison on facebook. I so love supporting individual makers rather than big companies.

With this pattern you need 7 metres of bias binding. As I do my very best not to buy any new cotton products, I made the bias binding. Years ago my Mum gave me a gadget for making bias binding. I used it once. So I made bias binding with old cotton sheets and the fabulous gadget,


I made seven metres of bias binding, enjoying using this basic but very useful gadget.


Here I am in my new crossover back apron! I’ve started making more. I’ll be dyeing some in plant dye baths and ecoprinting on some.

I’ve so enjoyed learning a new skill. Thank you for reading. I’ll work out how to change sizes of photos before I add my next post to my blog!