Printing with Natural Dye Extracts

Caroline Bell is running a 2 day workshop in printing with inks made from natural dye extracts at Cinderford Artspace, on 2nd and 3rd November.

She has so much to show us, I’m inspired and excited! Here’s an outline of the course -

Printing with Natural dyes

This is an introductory workshop examining the use of print paste with natural dye extracts in order to achieve a variety of effects using a range of print techniques onto fabric. We will cover preparation of fabric, mixing the print paste and how to add the dye extracts. Print methods will include the use of screens, thermofaxes, gelliplates, stencils and print blocks. If time permits we will also look at how to use the print paste with a mordant onto fabric and then overdye with a natural dye.

Here are some photos of some of Caroline’s prints and from previous workshops she’s run -

Printing with natural inks CB2.JPG
Printing with natural inks CB3.JPG
Printing with natural inks CB4.JPG
Printing with natural inks CB6.JPG

Wow you can see how much we’ll learn and be able to achieve!

The course will cost £90 for two days. A deposit of £20 is necessary to secure a place.

Please contact me on if you’d like to secure a place. Once you’ve enrolled, I’ll let you know what you need to bring with you for the workshop.